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The content below is from the site's 2014 archived pages. It's too bad the original owner of the site allowed the domain's registration to expire sending the site into oblivion. As the new owner I decided to resurrect the site, creating just one page as a historical reference to what Reviewlity was attempting to do.
In 2014 my wife showed me the site when I had returned home following a long week of traveling throughout CA visiting hospitals and medical research centers for an article I was writing about standards being applied to the handling of medical waste management by some of our large institutions. She thought my work was somehow related to this site's intention of revealing legitimate reviews from consumers that enlightened others about the products in question. In my case, the report I was working on was significantly more critical to our society, but I understood her point and framed much of my report in a way that presented the facts as a kind of review. Medical research facilities and hospitals generate a lot of dangerous waste and the public really has no idea how safely this waste it handled. Fortunately, I can report that the industry leaders are actually doing a great job of ethical disposal and remediation. This is in large part due to government regulation, something that does not impact most consumer products and services, but this site provided the kind of accountability we need to see for any business that interacts with the public.

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Glenn Mullins | October 26, 2013 | Weight Loss | No Comments

The Venus Factor is basically a health and fitness program for those women who want to lose weight with the help of diet. The unique fat loss techniques and approach to reshape female body advocated in this system have made it very popular among women around the globes.


The majority of the women usually gain excessive body weight and lose beauty of their figures especially when they have babies. Some of these women accept it as natural phenomena and does not try to improve their lives while others try to find something that can bring them back their lost beauty. The Venus Factor includes the following components:

  • The Venus Factor Complete Package includes a main manual which describes everything in details on how to use this program to get the maximum benefits.
  • Venus Index will let you decide either you should try to lose excessive body weight or simply gain weight so you can get an ideal body.
  • Calorie calculator is also included in the package and this will enable you to calculate correctly the amount of calories as well as protein you really need to take to meet your body’s requirement.


John Barban is a popular name in the world of health and fitness and people know him because of his unique approach to weight loss programs especially for women. John himself has an incredible body physique that gives makes him an ideal personality to follow.

He has graduated in human biology & nutrition. The thirst for learning more led him to study physiology and fitness. He has also got various certifications in health and fitness. He also worked in industry of dietary & sports supplements for various years which enabled him to work and train athletes.


John offers 3 relevant and program’s overall performance boosting bonuses as well which are mentioned below;

  1. The Venus Factor Workouts
  2. 143 video coaching lessons
  3. Venus Immersion



“My husband is the envy of his friend for essentially getting a “new” wife in mid-life.



  • Venus Factor’s main target is to help you get real feminine figure and in this effort you have to make additional efforts to lose excessive body weight.
  • During the training, you may be required to make changes in your lifestyle which may not be easy for some women.
  • The exercises included in the system might be difficult for the beginners.


  • Venus Factor based on comprehensive knowledge, in-depth research and experiences of the author.
  • When you study the manual, you will find no difficulty in understanding how to follow the instructions to get 100% results.
  • It is easily accessible and you don’t have to go out or wait for the shipment to arrive.
  • Buy and begin using the features of this program.
  • It has come up with 60-Day money back guarantee.


Overall, The Venue Factor is really an effective system for women. It has been designed to meet female beauty requirement and created in such a way that every woman can easily follow it. Once you begin following weekly program, you will soon begin seeing the difference in your current body figures. The well planned workouts will enable you to maximize the beautification process in a quicker way.

One of the most important features of this program is its 100% money back guarantee which proves it is not a scam. This special offer enables everyone to enjoy this effective system without the fear of losing their money.